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Summer Schedule Giving You Staffing Blues?

By: Lindsay Sisk, Gable Tax Group

Summer is fast approaching, and with that always comes kids out on summer break, vacations, extended weekends, and an overall breather to enjoy life a little more. Sign me up! However, if you’re an employer, especially in the tax world, you may be feeling the heat of what to approve and feeling like the bad guy saying no time off during tax filing deadlines.

The last few weeks while I’ve connected with my clients, I’ve discovered they are experiencing major staff issues, even if only temporarily. Which poses the question, what do you do? Take on the extra work yourself and be punished, hire a temp agency to get you through, or outsource?

Some of my favorite experiences with past clients is the story of how our working relationship began. One I hold dear to my heart is a client needed temporary help because their staff preparer was out on medical leave and I was the lucky staff person sent to help. The relationship started by helping for a few days a month, preparing tax returns, remitting payments, and helping with notice responses. It helped the tax manager while providing me with valuable experience. We were able to help during the months needed, and take a step back when their staff preparer came back from leave. Fast forward 7 years, and the relationship is still intact and we eventually became their full-time tax preparer.

But the best part was the relationship built between our two companies. They trusted us when they were in a crutch, and in return we were happy just to help. Our contract stayed month to month for over a year and once they were ready to decide, they chose to stay on with us, and 7 years later we are going strong.

For most companies, and myself included, it’s harder to ask for help if you don’t think the

other person is getting anything out of it, so why bother asking? Well, I’m here to tell you we would be more than happy to help you through a rough patch when short staffed. We understand that business is not predictable and there is no way to anticipate when a staff member may have to go out on leave or need additional time off.

Let us help you! Sometimes it just takes a quick phone call or a short email to be provided with the help you need.

Let us help you! It’s what we do best. Call us for a Free Consultation at 888.872.6579 or email us at Info@Gable.Tax.

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