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South Dakota v. Wayfair

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

By: Gable Tax Group

It has been decided, Quill has officially been overturned and the online shopping world as we know it will never be the same.

Gable Tax Group, like many others, have been (not so patiently) waiting to hear the decision made by the Supreme Court regarding the Quill decision which restricted states to force online retailers to collect sales tax without physical presence.

On June 21, 2018 the Supreme Court made the 5-4 decision to overturn Quill. What does this mean for online retailers? Expect states to jump on this ruling and create new standards based on economic thresholds and requiring online retailers to collect sales tax from all consumers. States are desperate for additional sales tax revenue, this is only the beginning.

If you’re an online retailer what does this mean for you? Contact a sales tax expert immediately! (Gable Tax Group)

Staying ahead of this monumental change will benefit you tremendously if you are required to collect and remit sales tax in all U.S. taxing states. Do you know where you will be required to collect? Do you have the ability to calculate sales tax in all of the thousands of taxing jurisdictions? What about a seamless sales tax return process?

The great news is we are here to help you! Gable Tax Group is the Smart Sales Tax Solution as we specialize in all things sales tax. We have helped countless clients register and implement a sales tax collection and remittance process to ensure compliance. Please reach out to us for a FREE 30-minute consultation to see how we can help you.

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