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We value integrity as a critical ingredient for the survival of our business. We value integrity for the inherent peace that comes from knowing we are working for and alongside moral people whom we can trust. Being a person of integrity means speaking and acting with honesty, even when no one is watching and even when doing so is hard or uncomfortable. Having integrity means that we don’t cut corners, lie, manipulate, cheat, or steal to any degree. Lastly, having integrity means speaking up when we see something that isn’t right.

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We value acting with consideration for others.  A considerate person is kind and thoughtful, polite, and caring. Being considerate means reaching out to colleagues to share kindness and support. Being considerate means recognizing how your actions impact others. Being considerate means being honest and clear with kindness, especially when the information or feedback is uncomfortable.

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We value accountability, both personally and as an organization. Being accountable means that we are clear in our expectations, we honor our commitments, and we take ownership and personal responsibility for our actions. Being accountable means knowing not to overpromise and under-deliver, but instead to set realistic expectations. Being accountable requires consistently owning the outcomes of our actions. Lastly, accountability means forgiveness and moving forward when needed.

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We value reliability because it means that we are tirelessly working to earn our reputation for trust and dependability. Being reliable is an ongoing process - we have to practice reliability every day in order to earn a reputation as a reliable company. Being reliable means applying the same level of service to every client, no matter their size. Being reliable means that we are more resilient as an organization because of our consistency. And being reliable means working together more effectively as a team.

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We value efficiency, in order to grow and thrive as an organization. Efficiency means achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. When valued, efficiency is what will allow us to collectively create a better work environment than ones we may have previously experienced at other organizations. Efficiency means our clients receive a better result and we achieve better work/life balance.

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