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Leadership Team

Dena Oberst, President & CEO

Dena.Oberst@Gable.Tax | Phone: 213.788.4840 ext. 101

Dena Oberst has been in the Sales and Use Tax industry for over 30 years. Starting her tax career at Arthur Andersen, Dena excelled in the corporate environment, landing as Principal-in-Charge and Practice Leader, in her most recent position.
Throughout her career she had unlimited opportunities to service Fortune 500 companies, while assisting start-up companies with the same determination.  If you've ever had the opportunity to receive Dena's help, you know to expect dedication, professionalism, and unprecedented  knowledge in all areas of tax. With having the vast tax knowledge she developed throughout her career, all of her clients reap the benefit of her capabilities.
After climbing her way through the corporate ladder, where she developed strong relationships and value for hundreds of companies, Dena decided it was time to take things into her own hands, and started Gable Tax Group.
Dena's vision for Gable Tax Group began as a safe landing for clients to be treated with the upmost importance. While developing her vision, she realized the most important attributes for companies and the level of service provided was to be helpful, accurate, and delivering desired results. Gable Tax Group's focus is to deliver the promised results while always recognizing the client's requests are what is most important.

Lindsay Sisk, Chief Operating Officer
LSisk@Gable.Tax | Phone: 213.788.4840 ext. 102

Lindsay Sisk provides a fresh perspective to Gable Tax Group and works closely with Gable Tax’s Executive Group to create sales tax compliance efficiencies, while creating lasting relationships with clients.

With always having the client’s main objective in mind, Lindsay prides herself in being helpful and generating results for her clients.

Prior to working at Gable Tax Group, Lindsay worked at a Global Tax Consulting firm for 8 years. In the 8 years at her prior firm, she developed strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies. Never letting “this is how we do this” stop her, she created automation tools to help clients review their taxes more effectively, but also allowing for a faster turnaround time, providing clients’ with their deliverable's faster.

Lindsay is a Retail expert, preparing tax returns for clients that have over 9,000 stores locations. Always ready for a challenge, she specializes in organizing information, creating processes, and assisting her clients to get the most out of their experience. Although she specializes in large, complex clients, she’s never one to turn down client questions. Some of the best results she’s created have been for small to mid-size companies, creating value that cannot be put into a dollar amount. 

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