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Gable Tax Group

The Smart Sales Tax Solution

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About Us

We aim to be the Smart Sales Tax Solution for you.

  • The strategic support team that lowers your stress level, saves you time and protects your bank account.


  • The people you look to when you need someone to break down complicated tax laws into plain English.


  • The professionals you rely on because you know, we know everything there is to know about sales tax. After all, it’s the only thing we do.

Sales tax is a tricky subject and every state has their own set of rules.  As soon as you feel like you’ve got a grip on them, something changes. Case in point, the 2018 Supreme Court ruling in the South Dakota vs. Wayfair case changed the game—for everyone.


For most companies, the management of sales and use tax is a mind-numbing annoyance that eats away at your time and profit. We’re amongst the few that actually like it, because we love a good challenge. Sales tax compliance requires meticulous attention to detail, which allows us to use our expertise to help people. This is the kind of stuff that we love!!

Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of experienced professionals specializing in sales and use tax, with members spanning across the United States, Canada, and the Philippines. Our enthusiasm for assisting others is matched only by our love for all things related to sales tax!

Why We Do What We Do

Reconciling to the penny is something we've always believed those of us in the sales tax industry owe to our clients. After all, you’re paying us to manage your sales tax. Precise reconciliation is an expectation, not an exception, and certainly not another billable service.


Unfortunately, many people in our profession disagree. We hate to admit it, but there’s a lot of nickel and diming in this industry (no pun intended.) Often, if a service is not explicitly detailed in a contract, it’s simply not done. Because of that, companies like yours face unnecessary cashflow crisis that put many of them at risk every single day. Quite frankly, it disappoints us because it’s wrong and we believe in doing what’s right!

That’s why we started Gable Tax Consulting Group. In our world, there’s no such thing as what many of my competitors refer to as, “over-reconciling.” As far as we're concerned, our industry should demand absolute accuracy—regardless of what it takes to get there.

Who We Serve & How We Can Help

Gable Tax Group serves overwhelmed CFOs, Controllers and Tax Directors that need to save time, money and resources while ensuring their sales and use taxes are filed correctly and on time, as to avoid disruption in cashflow.


From payments to permits, and processes to audit defense, our sales tax specialists are committed to extending the highest tier of sales and use tax expertise as well as service that exemplifies perfection to the point that you will never want to work with anyone else.


We want you to see us as an extension of your company, a trusted partner, your best advocate, and a team dedicated to ensuring we do the job right the first time, every time. Because when that happens, we all win!

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