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Gable Tax Turns ONE!

February Newsletter

We are very proud to announce we are celebrating our very 1st anniversary today! This year has brought new challenges and great rewards, and we are extremely thankful for our clients, staff, network, and affiliates. This year wouldn't have been so successful without all of you, THANK YOU!

Our Year in Review

Since this Newsletter marks our one-year anniversary, we thought, as the dutiful accountants that we are, that it'd be fun to share the highlights of our year through numbers.

4,000 - We made over 4,000 new connections and contacts this year! We are very fortunate to have met and connected with all of you. Our goal is to continue to strengthen these connections and continue to grow this number.

150 - We attended over 150 network events this year. Each event taught us something new, inspired us, and helped bring new connections to our growing network.

20 - In the last year, we shared 20 blog posts about different sales use tax topics, emphasizing education as one of our core values.

9 - Our CEO, Dena Oberst, has been nominated as a Board Member for a $9 Billion nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, CA.

7 - We grew to a team of 7 in 9 short months. We've been lucky to find great talent and are excited to continue to grow.

4 - We currently hold office in 4 major cities in the United States: Pasadena, CA; San Diego, CA; Oakland, CA; and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

1 - We received our first recognition from Expertise as one of the top 20 Best Tax Services in Pasadena, CA. We were very pleased to receive this award and acknowledgement in our first year of business, and hope we are able to continue to share great news like this again in the future. Please take at a look at Expertise here:

Countless - We have been fortunate to grow our network and help companies with staffing issues, tax advice, tax compliance, tax department solutions, and tax software guidance, to name a few. This year has been so successful for us because of our alliance partners, affiliations, networking, and new connections, and we are thrilled to share this success with you. We plan to continue our go-giver mentality and stay true to our core values by educating, helping, and building strong relationships with our clients and network. Here's to year TWO!

Where to Reach Us

If you have any questions or are interested in getting a sales tax discussion started for your business, give us a call! Our contact information is below, we'd love to hear from you.

Phone: 888.872.6579| Email:

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