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Tax Reform Effect on Sales Tax

Tax reform has been a strong debated topic the last few months, and now that the bill has been passed by the government, companies are now left to start strategizing and updating their tax models to be compliant with the new laws. Recently, we have been asked how this affects us, and at first it may seem that federal income tax does not have an impact on sales tax, however, if you’re working in a tax department and now have an influx of work to do based on the tax reform, how will you find time to concentrate or devote to sales tax?

Now is a great time to free up resources and alleviate the administrative, time consuming task of sales tax return preparation and leverage your sales tax specialty firm to assist while your department adjusts to the vast changes.

Gable Tax Group is here to help you, it’s what we do best. Let us know if we can be of assistance to help reduce stress during the transition into tax reform.

2018 is going to endure many tax changes, over the next few weeks we will be discussing the many topics to get you prepared to start 2018 right. However, budgeting for the upcoming year has either started, or you’re in the thick of finalizing it. It be worth it so reach out to your service provider and get a quote on co-sourcing your sales tax function.

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